The almost lost weekend


The almost lost weekend

I meant to key in a decent post covering our activities on the Superbowl weekend, but then our phone line broke and along with that our internet connection. By the time BT had paid a visit and fixed things it was later on that week and, well, I just didn’t get round to typing the text and putting it on here.

Now it’s almost a week and a half later it doesn’t seem so relevant, but I know Iain digs this kind of thing and in a years time if I look back and there isn’t a post covering the weekend I’ll probably regret not making the effort. So here we go…

Saturday morning and early afternoon were spent in a bit of a daze due to a late night with Graeme and Lisa on the Friday. Fortunately we were getting our second wind by the time Iain trundled round the corner in Emily’s Ka. I need to thank Emily for that, actually, because without the loan of the car I can imagine that Iain would have endured yet another mamoth slog courtesy of Virgin Trains.

On Saturday night we went across to the carvery place just down the road for a decent feed. I figured we’d be eating crap for the next two days, so it was a pre-emptive strike in order to get some vitamins and other good things down the hatch before the bombardment of obesity bombs that are hotdogs, burgers, popcorn and other members of that food group known as Junk.

It didn’t turn out quite like that, though – not only did we take it easy with the drink on Saturday, but on Sunday we went along to the park for a very energetic half hour or so, throwing the american footballs about. I had really wanted to do this, too, but with the weather being unpredictable I figured we’d miss out, so I was really stoked that we got to do it.

Once home I made us a delicious helping of pasta and sauce to replenish the energy levels – a healthy shade above the junk I assumed we’d been dining on, if I may say so myself. We even managed to keep ourselves to shandy for a few hours, partly to help us stay the pace and partly to help the beer stocks last until the early hours.

When it eventually arrived, the superbowl itself was a good one, despite the Patriots being handed a few dodgy calls by the refs that kept me animated up until the final minutes. That’s the trouble with the Pats, you have to beat them and the refs, but that didn’t stop the Panthers making a great game of it. Most teams only get one shot every few years of making the big game, so it seems unfair that the Pats get to win their second in three years while the Panthers go home empty handed. Hopefully they’ll make it back soon enough – they’re an exciting team to watch.

Monday brought with it a house inspection from the estate agent. Fliss and I had worked hard the previous weekend to make the place spotless, so I had no fears that the guy was going to kick up a fuss. He left quite happy with the condition of the house after a few minutes wandering around, taking note of our leaking roof, not that he could have missed the bucket in the hallway on the top floor collecting the drips from the holes in the ceiling.

After that, Iain and I rushed into town to buy him a new PlayStation 2 – which brings that unfortunate saga to a close, thankfully. Shortly after we got back here, Iain was on his way down to London – reporting back that the new toll road avoiding Birmingham is very quiet and quick indeed.

All in all it was a good weekend ” I think I’ll definately be keeping up the tradition of holding a superbowl weekend regardless of which teams are playing. A lot of the time the occasion outweighs the game, but when it falls together like this one it can be a great excuse for a fun weekend.