Diamonds are forever


Diamonds are forever

On valentines day, Fliss and I went into the city to get her engagement ring – one that she’d seen during the week. It should have been kind of straight forward, but due to her having a slightly in-between size of finger it meant we had to traipse around all the jewellers in town trying to find the ring, or a similar one, in the right size.

Eventually we ended back where we started, buying the ring above the one she was after. It did have to be resized, though, so Fliss wont get it until Wednesday, but I’m looking forward to her having one as it’s been kind of cool having one myself and kind of closes the deal, as it were! :o)

After the quest for the ring was over we had a great chineese buffet meal, headed home to play Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II for a while, then watched The Tuxedo on DVD while stuffing ourselves with some lovely Thorntons truffles.

Quite a perfect Valentines day, I think.