Fliss picked up her ring on Wednesday as planned – the alteration to the size being completed without much of a noticable difference to the band. I had wanted to be there with her when she got it, but as it turned out she kept the ring in its box so that I could put it on for her when I got home that night.

The ring is really nice too – sparkly without being overstated, which I think is something all too common with engagement rings. It was pretty cool to finally see her wearing it, and quite a novelty too since Fliss doesn’t wear jewellery, except for earings and a necklace sometimes.

Now we’re both signed up for the big show at some point – who’d have thunk it back when we first met all those years ago? We were reminiscing about this a few days ago and I remembered thinking that she was pretty annoying the first night we met, as she kept saying the words to something on tv before they happened. Funnily enough she still does it now, occasionally, but as I’ve found out – it’s the least of my worries – it’s her hogging the Sky remote that’s the worst! :o)