Cooking with gas


Cooking with gas

Recently I’ve been throwing together this stir fry concoction for myself after having a flash of inspiration while shopping about a month ago. Not sure how it all came together, I just remember seeing this chili and ginger sauce and thinking man, that would go nice in a stir fry, but knew deep down that I didn’t have the patience for that kind of thing.

Which is when the question hit me – At what point did my life get so busy, so cluttered by the distraction of playing games, watching tv or using the internet, that I couldn’t spare ten or fifteen minutes to cook myself a meal?

What the hell! I decided in response – even if I didn’t go through with it I was only wasting a couple of pounds worth of ingredients. I picked up a pack of noodles, some loose chicken, and a jar of Uncle Ben’s extra spicy sweet and sour sauce. I knew it was a safe bet that Fliss wouldn’t touch this particular culinary delight with somebody else’s bargepole, so my desire for extra spicy wasn’t tempered with the need to make it extra mild for her.

By that point I was warming to the idea rapidly, so much so that I went back for the Chili and Ginger sauce that I’d seen. It was on the shelf beside another bottle of even more ferocious sauce that had a warning on it along the lines of Danger! – Know what you’re fucking doing before you buy this stuff.

My hand hovered momentarily between the two bottles. In for a penny? I dared myself, knowing that Fliss wouldn’t be touching the stuff anyway. However, scorching my internal organs was maybe beyond the scope of this particular experiment. Good sense took hold and I chose the milder version of the sauce, which as it turned out to have plenty of kick to it anyway.

After throwing all the stuff together in the frying pan and letting the heat take its course, I had myself one of the most delicious meals I’d had in ages. Fantastic is an understatement, I mean, I never cook. Ever. I make pasta and the occasional omelette if I’m feeling motivated – if I was a super here my special power would be Microwaving, or taking stuff out of the freezer and placing it in the oven. This whole ingredients and effort extravaganza was revolutionary down in Foxy town.

The meal turned out to be so delicious that I wanted to make it for someone else, and that someone couldn’t be Fliss, which was a pain. She’s my captive audience for everything, almost – she’s played Madden, she’s gone outside and thrown the american football around, played frisbee nude… well, okay, not nude, but she’s a cinch for getting involved in almost anything.

Except, of course, for spicy food that I have made.

My next sure bet was Cousin Iain. My plan was to feed Iain the Super Foxy Stir Fry (SFSF) when he came up to visit for the Superbowl. Iain will eat almost anything, too – that’s not an insult, it’s just an observation and due to that I went out and re-stocked on all the ingredients for the SFSF before he came up.

Sadly we ended up eating other things and Iain left before he could enjoy the delights of an SFSF. Another victim… I mean dining partner, had gone astray.

So now I’m stuck – all my immediate friends are vegetarian for some reason, and tonight, as I made myself yet another SFSF I couldn’t help but thinking what a tragedy it is for everyone else to be missing out on the experience. Somebody out there has to at least be semi-half-interested in tasting an SFSF at some point, surely?

It really is nice – honest! :o)