Ready, Shreddy, Go!


Ready, Shreddy, Go!

After a hiatus of several months, I’m back eating cereal again in the mornings. Toward the end of last year I managed to eat myself sick of Rice Crispies after consuming several extra large boxes in the space of a month or so. Admittedly that was partly due to a promotion where you got these Cartoon Network bobblehead things and I was trying to decorate my monitors at work with them. I collected five of them during my Rice Krispie fest, which although two of them are doublers, gives some idea of the consumption rate.

Anyhow, new to the extreme breakfasting menu is Frosted Shreddies – a food product not exactly aimed at my age group (hey, neither are rice crispies), but very tasty all the same. I’m nearing the end of my first box and I’m still enjoying them, although all that sugar coating cant be too good for my teeth. I may switch to the regular version for my next box to save my teeth, but that would be kind of like Baywatch without the hot chicks – what would be the point?

The only downside is the promotion toys – they’re characters from Disney’s Brother Bear which looked like yet another of their formulaic morality tales from what I can remember of the trailer. Regardless of that, the quality of the toys is poor. Not that I’ve come to expect highly detailed, hand-crafted workmanship from toys found in a cereal box, but the bear I got has a facial expression indicating severe constipation (or rapid intrusion of the same region, it’s hard to tell) and the mold lines are painfully obvious.

Fortunately there’s not much room left on the top of my monitors anway, so the saving grace of Shreddies may well be their taste rather than their freebies.