Sold the the highest bidder


Sold the the highest bidder

I successfully sold the Nokia 3650 I out on Ebay. It went quite well, considering I didn’t pay extra for any promotion of the product, like giving it a thumbnail or bold text in the title.

Granted I only got about ?70 for it, but that’s fine by me – I get some positive balance in my PayPal account and somebody else gets to use a perfectly good phone that would have been gathering dust in a cupboard ’til the day I finally threw it out.

Fliss began to wonder what else we could get rid of, although I’m sure the things we could have sold for a decent amount have lost that luster a long time ago.

Still, it was pretty easy to offload the phone, now that I’ve done it, so it could pay quite well to have a hunt around for possible cash conversion opportunities.