Rachael and Andy’s wedding


Rachael and Andy’s wedding

It’s been a week since the wedding and I still cant remember enough about it to give a detailed report. Taking it down to basics, the ceremony was short and sweet – perfectly suited to the couple, actually, with the minimum of fuss and the maximum practicality. :o)

The rest of the afternoon involved drink – and lots of it. By the time the band were playing at around eight o’clock we were all quite merry. I managed to get myself Travolta drunk (i.e. to the point where I think I can dance!) and spent the latter part of the evening twirling bridesmaids (thanks for putting up with that Geraldine!) and generally hamming it up.

What was a shame was that the band were very good, as noted when we went to see them a few months back, but it was such a hot and humid day that most folk wanted to chill outside rather than get down indoors with the band. It was a bit odd seeing a team of polished musicians belting out cover versions to a very high standard and an empty room.

Ah well, at least I got down with the funky music, while Fliss recorded away on her camcorder and snapped away on the camera. When she’s got around to it the pictures will appear on her website gallery, I’m sure.