There she was, just a walkin’ down the street


There she was, just a walkin’ down the street

Today I had to make a quick visit to the dentist for some patch up work on my rickety molars. I wasn’t best pleased, because when I usually call to make an appointment they say “we’re fully booked – it’ll be a good two or three weeks…” and that’s fine by me. Gives me time to psyche myself up and get used to the idea.

But when I called in the morning they said “sure… quarter past three today okay?” and like a startled rabbit with toothache I agreed.

Anyhow, I park the car in car park of the Richmond pub in Allerton, and I’m walking up the high street to the dentist. It’s pretty sunny at this point, very warm and humid, kind of thing, and I’ve got my shades on. About 20 yards away I see this pair of legs, and I’m like… wow… that’s a nice pair of legs, so I follow them upwardly to see a face I recognised.

No way I said to myself… that is so not Ali Bastian from Hollyoaks!

And as she got closer… yes way!

Now, I’m kind of a fan of hers – I think she’s pretty hot and all that, but she’s as good an actress as they have on the show. Admittedly that’s not saying much, but she has been pretty decent over the two or three yeas she’s been in the show, so credit where it’s due and all that. And did I mention she’s hot?

The cool thing is, I have my shades on – so I risk looking right at her just to make perfectly sure it is her. But holey crap, she catches me looking almost instantly and looks right at me. By this time we’re only about five yards apart, so I just went with it and said “Hi, are you Ali Bastian?”

“Yes” she smiled, seeming surprised that I’d recognised her. So much so that she actually stops walking and stands there.

“Wow… I cant believe that I’d just recognise you in the street.” I blurted.

“That’s okay” She said.

“So… are you staying in the show, because I know there are a lot of people leaving?” I ask.

“Yes, I’m staying for at least another year, but yeah, there are a lot of people leaving soon.”

“That’s great.” I said, “Well, it’s nice to meet you – bye!” I said, before letting her continue on her way.

Wow… I thought, as I walked into the dentist. I played it kind of cool… about as cool as I can play things anyway, I mean, I didn’t just stand there going “Phwoar!” or anything, so I was kind of pleased with myself for not being as uncool as I know I can be.

Well, anyway, she was really sweet to stop and talk for a moment too – the cast of the show have a bit of a reputation for being prima donna’s (whatever the heck that means), but obviously Ali is okay in my book. :o)