When Saturday comes…


When Saturday comes…

Tonight I’m off down to London to visit cousin Iain for a weekend of… well, excess, I suspect. Although we’ll arrive pretty late, it does leave tomorrow wide open for some fun and games, and the outlandish possibility of meeting up with Demian, whom I haven’t seen for about three years.

I imagine we’ll end up doing the usual stuff, like going to Wagamama, then on to that sports bar near Leicester Square where I got “highly intoxicated” last summer, according to the doorman.

Oh… talking of Leicester (in a round about way), when Saturday comes (see, it wasn’t just an obscure reference to that Sean Bean film) we’ll be going to see Leicester City visiting Queens Park Rangers, which I’m looking forward to. Should be an interesting match – QPR have won their last three straight, while Leicester have stumbled in recent weeks. Heck, what do I know? It’s just an excuse to do all that “Ooooh!” and “Aw, ref–a–ree!” shouty stuff with lots of other people rather than at the telly.

Should be a fun weekend. Should be exensive too, but in a justifiable “life enriching” kind of way. :o)