Sporting Behaviour


Sporting Behaviour

My weekend down in London had a sporting vibe about it, as it turned out. Starting with a visit to cousin Iain’s gym on Friday morning, followed by playing pool for the rest of that day in the aforementioned sports bar. The elusive Demian even put in an appearance after work, via one of those comedy “using mobile phones to find each other in a busy public place” scenarios. It was good to see him again in the flesh, albeit briefly, although due to the amount of drink I’d had by the time he showed up, we didn’t get much web developer shop-talk done. Probably a good thing, actually – Iain would have been bored stiff.

On Saturday morning we found ourselves in Shepherds Bush Walkabout watching the AFL grand final, before heading off to the QPR v Leicester City match. Sadly both games ended up a bit one sided at the end, but they were enjoyable all the same. At the football there was some nut case wearing a sombrero whom the away fans nick-named Pedro, and gave him no end of abuse while Leicester were in the lead. In fact, Pedro’s climb from despondancy into elation was good entertainment in itself, as the match swung from a two-nil Leicester lead to a 3-2 QPR victory – with all the goals happening down the other end of the pitch it was easier to see Pedro than the on field action for most of the second half.

On Saturday evening Emily cooked us a tasty dinner, and we sat in watching tv for a few hours before making our way back to Iain’s. The day out, added to the heavy day on Friday had left us both tired, so we settled for watching Match of the Day and then a game of Madden 2005, before calling it a night.

Since Fliss was starting her new job today we left quite promptly on Sunday afternoon, and were home by six o’clock after a relatively simple drive. The whole trip seemed to be over very quickly – need to try and squeeze another day onto it next time, as I missed going to Wagamama and the Cyberdog shop.