Ill Communication


Ill Communication

I have had no net connection at home since Monday evening, due to a bit of a catch 22 situation that I’m sure could be solved with a little extra effort from BT’s customer support people.

Apparently I have a “stale session”, caused by constantly re-booting my PC on Monday night while I was trying to get my webcam to work. So now, not only does the webcam not work, but we have no broadband access.

The nice BT call center guy talked me through all the things I’d done before I got through to them, like powering down the modem & router. However, even with my modem switched off, it was still showing we were connected on the BT side of things. In other words, it is their problem, but one I had to solve by entering a different username into my modem’s configuration settings in order to generate a new session.

Normally we’d type into the address bar of our browser, and it would bring up the modem’s control panel. For some reason this is not happening any more. I don’t know why, but I have rebuilt the computer since we last had to do this, so maybe something that should be set has become unset.

Sadly, Windows 2000 is your network administrator’s operating system, not your home user’s cozy Windows XP or OSX. Thus, trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong with my network configuration that is denying me access to the modem control panel is proving to be very difficult indeed.

Last throw of the dice will probably happen tonight, when I drag the modem upstairs and physically connect it to the PC via the ethernet port, removing the wireless network from the equation.

Man, I hate fucking around with the computer – it’s reliable for 355 days a year, which makes the week or so where it’s not working perfectly all the more frustrating.

Breaking News : Rumour has it that Kieran and his spanktastic laptop might be coming to the rescue. :o)