A close shave


A close shave

I bought myself a new shaver at the weekend, after years of relying on a fairly poor re-chargeable Philips one that was wrecking my skin. After a lot of deliberation, I chose a nice blue three blade one – the new fancy kind that dispenses shaving gel directly onto the blades. At ?100 it was quite steep, and I would never have stretched to that if it hadn’t been for ?30 in gift vouchers I had been given. ?70 didn’t seem so bad for a ?100 item, though.

To be honest I was pretty skeptical about the gel dispensing feature, although I was sold on the idea of being able to use it in the shower, figuring it would help lessen the wear and tear on the skin. Turns out the gel is pretty darn fine in practice, though – on first use this morning it was great… felt a little metrosexual initially, but once I realised how easy it was to shave with it I was quite pleased.

Fliss seems pleased with the results, too – and is hoping I’ll shave more often than the once or twice a week habit I’d gotten into with my crappy old shaver.

Anyhoo – bottom line, these new fangled gel dispensing electric shavers are pretty neat. :o)