Ghosts in the machine


Ghosts in the machine

This morning when I went to check my mail and have a quick surf, Firefox and *Thunderbird had both lost my profile. Firefox had actually done it a few weeks back, too, but back then I had been running an old version and decided to take the opportunity to upgrade to the latest “preview release”.

So when the same thing happened this morning I was kind of peeved – and I don’t believe it’s the fault of either of these fine Mozilla products. Y’see, since Fliss got The Sims 2, the computer has been acting all weird. After she’s played it, when you shut down it insists on re-starting instead, and runs the scandisk utility as it does so, claiming that there’s a problem with the disk integrity.

I know I can probably rescue my *Thunderbird and Firefox profiles by re-installing both of them – I’m sure they’ll pick up the old profiles, as they’re still there, but whatever is causing this is a mystery to me.

The hunt is on for the connection between the above events, though.