A glimpse of the future

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A glimpse of the future

Like an excited kid at xmas time, I sat up last night waiting for the information to trickle from the Sony press conference in Culver City, where the PS3 was being revealed for the first time. After last weeks launch of the XBox 360 before the assembled hipsters on MTV, I wondered just how Sony would respond.

By quarter-past midnight I was beginning to think they wouldn’t reveal anything concrete, as sites like GameSpot and Engadget gave the impression that all we were getting was a technical fact sheet.

Then suddenly, Kaboom! – the information came thick and fast, as everything from details of the system architecture, to images of the new console began to hit the net. Joystiq went down, Engadget struggled under the load, and GameSpot and IGN seemed slow with their updates.

By one in the morning it had calmed down to a relative frenzy – GameSpot had an early report from the press conference up, and IGN had a good amount of PS3 information on offer by then.

I would have gone to bed at this point, but then details of PS3 games started pouring out too, and in my excitement I had to read each scrap of info before I finally hit the sack at close to two.

It’s probably going to be a year and a half before I get my hands on one of these things, and I’m going to be counting the days. Roll on the next generation.