The Marketing hour is upon us


The Marketing hour is upon us

Recently I’ve been trying to get hold of a “Limited Edition” Gromit mug that’s supposed to come free with a big box of PG Tips tea bags. So far this week I have tried three seperate supermarkets, namely a Tesco‘s and two Asda‘s without success.

Tonight, after travelling to my second Asda of the day I began to think that it’s all a big con, designed in some way to lure innocent Wallace & Gromit fans into buying tea bags that they don’t need.

After the futility endured on my second attempt of the evening I decided to treat myself to a nice jar of Columbian coffee instead. That’ll teach those PG Tips marketeers exactly what they get for fucking with a hard core Gromit fan.

Maybe I was feeling cynical due to the above, but on my way out of Asda I noticed a little girl wearing a witch hat that had just been bought in the store – the label was still on it. Whatever happened to parents and kids making their Hallow’een stuff together, I wonder?

Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of my mum and assembled family trying to put together a costume made from odds and ends that were around the house, brought together with an appropriately sized cardboard box to create a worthy and cost effective costume for me to go guising in. That little girl tonight probably had her costume sorted in the short time it took to collect the tenner’s worth of plastic crap she’d picked off the shelf – hardly the mother and daughter bonding experience that tradition expects.


I’m going to keep searching for my Gromit mug – but I suspect I’m going to miss out due to it being an over marketed (I’ve seen it on tv a good few times now) and underproduced freebie. Fliss has already spotted them on ebay for considerably more than the cost of the mug plus tea, but pride and sense prevents me from letting a scalper take the hard earned cash of this Gromit fan.