It’s a mugs game


It’s a mugs game

Fliss found Gromit mugs in the city centre Tesco on Thursday afternoon and bought up three of them for me. Actually, one was for my friend Colin, but he later said that he didn’t really care about Wallace or Gromit, he’d just got caught up in my excitement when Fliss phoned me to say she’d found them and said he wanted one. So he gets none and I get three.

Apparently, when Fliss was buying our score of tea and mugs, an “old granny” was buying them too and said she’d come from Chester to see if she could find any of them, so that had me thinking that they must be as rare as I suspected. (Not grannies, Gromit mugs.)

However, on Friday both Lisa and Emily sent me messages telling me that the mugs had been available when they’d gone into their respective Tesco‘s – Lisa had seen them in the Liverpool city centre one, so they must have plentiful stock. Perhaps I just timed my efforts poorly and should have gotten up early to do it instead of going in the evenings; a leason learned for the next time there’s some kind of bonus item that I cant do without attached to a product I can.

Anyhoo – all’s well that ends well – I now have more Gromit mugs and tea bags than I know what to do with.