I see dead people II


I see dead people II

Andy and Rachel came down to join us and friend Colin for a trip to the Hallow’een night at the Krazy House at the weekend. It had all the usual Krazy House ingredients; weirdo’s a–plenty and a mix of music to wake the dead.

Although the night was quite a compact one, due to Andy having to be up early to get back to work in the morning, it was good fun just observing all the nutters who’d gone to far greater effort in their costumes than we had. I’d been wanting to dress up as dead Goose for ages, too, so it was great to finally break out the Top Gun patches and do the whole undead co-pilot bit.


Not me – I slept right through my hang over, too! ;o)

Fliss has a collection of pictures from our Hallow’een night out on her gallery page if you want to see the gory details.