Xmas #34


Xmas #34

My thirty fourth festive season has gone by in a pleasantly relaxing manner, so far. On xmas day we had a quiet one, watching tv and going for a walk in the park, before going home to watch the Family Guy dvd’s that Fliss had gotten me.

Due to a bit of a screw up on my part we didn’t exactly have the traditional feast when it came to dinner time. On xmas eve I’d woken up really early, so I decided to go to Tesco to fetch some supplies. Once there I picked up two pizzas, thinking that they’d do for boxing day, and then went off around the store picking up odds and ends with a mind to getting something decent for our main meal on xmas day. Somehow, and I’m not quite sure how, I managed to forget to do that. After getting some wine and seeing the queues were expanding at the check–outs, I decided to cut it short and get in line.

So, we ended up having the boxing day pizza for our dinner on xmas day. They were a bit crap, too, as I’d even managed to pick up the wrong type (usually something with meat and a bit of spice for me, something that you can barely taste for Fliss, this time a margherita for me and a ham and pineapple one for Fliss. ). On boxing day we set out to get something a bit more substantial to feast upon, but every store we visited was closed.

Finally, on the 27th, we got ourselves to Asda and picked up some steak, which for me didn’t meet the expectations placed upon it as the promised xmas feast, but by then I don’t think anything could have.

The following day we went to PC World to get a new computer chair. We ended up getting a new wireless modem/router and a faster wireless adapter for the PC, plus a printer/copier/scanner, some software for transferring my VHS tapes to the PC, and Rollercoaster Tycoon for Fliss. Somehow we didn’t get a chair, but having spent quite a bit by that point it was probably a good thing.

Later that evening we had Graeme, Lisa and Ele round for dinner and that was quite a good laugh. We had breadsticks and dip… and more pizza – the meal of choice this festive season.

I spent all of yesterday playing Madden and getting the new modem/router set up. Sadly the PC has a suffered some corruption of its system files, so I’ll need to do a complete reinstall of that as soon as I get the chance. The laptop is working seemlessly with the new gear, though, so I’m on that right now. :o)

This morning I got up to find Fliss on the phone to the womens hospital, as she’d been feeling contractions since about 8am. So soon we’ll be heading off to the hospital – hopefully to return with a healthy baby. Xmas #34 finally gets exciting – I’ll let you know how it goes! ;o)