The last days of Can A Lot


The last days of Can A Lot

Behold ye!

This mighty structure hath protected many a fine man from the slings, the arrows, and the catapults of enemies from far and wide who would dare come and challenge the hallowed ramparts of Castle Can A Lot.

Gazeth ye at the fine construction – employing the highest quality materials from sources as far afield as Australia and China. Well, from what I couldst tell from yonder advertisements upon the box of moving pictures, Fosters comes from down under and ye Asda stir fry sauce is probably from the lands of the far east. But I digresseth.

Many hours of hearty work, and drinking, were put into the building of Can A Lot over the festive season. Take a step back, clicketh ye picture, and beholdeth once more the majesty of Can A Lot.

Who would have thought that such a solid construction could have been felled by the great dish washing incident of early 2006?

Not I.

However, once the crockery of doom had collapsed into the eastern rampart of Can A Lot, ye writing was on ye wall. And ye materials were on ye kitchen floor.

Castle Can A Lot may have gone to ye great recycling bin in the sky, but in the final days of this fine metal and glass structure, some breathtaking images were captured. Clicketh ye and be agast: Can A Lot; entrance, Can A Lot; North Rampart