Living in an Amish Paradise


Living in an Amish Paradise

I can say whatever I like here, really, because Amish people don’t use the internet. Probably. Well, by process of elimination, I’m fairly confident that AMD doesn’t stand for Amish Micro Devices and, even if it did, electricity isn’t their thing. The chances are high I’m not going to be found “accidentally” suffocated at the bottom of a grain tower if I mock them.

That’s not the purpose of this post, though, it’s to marvel at their building skills. We’ve all seen these DIY programs on tv where a team come in and transform a room or two in a well edited couple of days work. But after an Amish couple had their house torn apart by a tornado, the members of Club Medieval rebuilt it in just 15 hours. That’s awesome.

As the song goes; tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1699