A cousin for Elisha


A cousin for Elisha

My sister Hazel called a week ago to tell us that her and her husband Ian are expecting their first child in November. Turns out that looking after our wee Elisha back in January was enough to convince them that babies are really good fun.

Great believers in doing things in the traditional order, Hazel and Ian have just had an offer accepted on a new flat, too, with more bedrooms and the space required for an expanding family. With us having set off on the slightly different path of buying a house, having a baby and maybe getting married at some point in the future, it makes Hazel and Ian’s approach of marriage / house / baby seem particularly well thought out.

Congratulations to the both of them on all their good news. Oh, and to my mum too – it’s less than a year since she found out she was becoming a gran and now it happens again. If little brother Andrew can pull the same stunt this time next year that’ll be a hat trick. ;o)