A crowded house


A crowded house

This week we’ve had visitors in the form of Crazy Uncle John, who came down mid-week for a night out on the run, and Fliss’ dad Ted who arrived a few hours after CUJ left and is with us until next Thursday. In the old house, or even pre-Elisha in this one, it wouldn’t have been too much of an upheaval.

However, now that the spare room is both the computer room and Elisha’s room, we just don’t have the space to comfortably cope with guests. Due to that, Crazy Uncle John and father Ted have had to sleep on a mattress on the living room floor. THe pair of them have said it’s a very comfortable mattress, but it’s still not quite as convenient as having a room they can call their own for the duration of their stay.

*Next weekend Cousin Iain and his hot chick friend Nicola are coming up for a visit, too, so it’s going to be another challenge putting them up in relative comfort. I’m sure we’ll manage, but after just under a year in the house I’m starting to feel like it’s closing in around us at times.

*(offensive words removed) ex-girlfriend types who may or may not take the above information and use it to emotionally torment Cousin Iain should be warned that, well, maybe the contents of this site aren’t for you any longer.**

**Oh, I’m sorry. Somehow the above was misconstrued as “call Cousin Iain up and pack his bags for another guilt trip.” Let me make it perfectly clear – if the contents of this site are going to cause you to plumb the depths of emotion and prompt you to call members of my family and offload a guilt bomb onto them, then the contents of this site are not for you. Not. For. You.