It’s freezing cold. Time to head north.

I just cannot believe how cold it is today. Absolutely head hurting cold.

I have been out of the house twice – once in the morning to take Fliss to the station and Elisha to nursery, and again later in the afternoon when I went to collect some parcels. On the second jaunt I was shivering in the car until the heater got going, despite the fact I had a stout jacket on and a scarf, too.

My fingers were so withered from the cold that my ring kept falling off – I lost it under the passenger seat when I went to change gear on the way, and it fell off again when I threw the parcels into the boot. When I got back home again I sat huddled up in the computer room with the heater on, surfing the net and playing some multiplayer WipEout Pulse to take my mind off of it.

I’ve just stuck the central heating on, though. I figure that if we’re to be in Scotland for the next week or so then it’ll be off, so running it at full tilt now isn’t going to break the bank.

Unfortunately, just as I’m getting warm now, I have to head out to get Elisha from nursery. So as soon as I wolf down this here Hot Pocket and cup of coffee I’ll be out braving the elements once more. Man, I really was born into the wrong climate – I hate being cold and wet for two thirds of the year. Or three quarters of the year, if 2007 was anything to go by.

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Game On

If Duty Calls, tell it I’m busy playing a game.

After completing Call of Duty 4 on the PS3 a couple of weeks ago, I found myself hankering for SOCOM. Reason being that, although graphically splendid, CoD4 is the equivalent of a tram ride through a valley of trigger-points. It’s stifling and claustrophobic in comparison to the freedom of SOCOM and, despite the last-generation graphics of SOCOM: Combined Assault, I have to say that I think it’s the better game.

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