A Perfect End to the Year

The 2006 christmas holidays turned out to be the most enjoyable trip back to Scotland in years, for me. From the night we arrived at Claire and Campbell’s on the way up, to our brief stop off at their place on the way back down, and everything in between, it was a christmas I’ll remember fondly for years to come.

A lot of the success of the holiday was due to “house-sitting” for Claire’s dad. As good fortune had it, her father was off on a long holiday on the other side of the world. So, while he enjoyed the warm climes of Australia, we got to spend the week in a fabulous house. The sheer convenience of having somewhere to unwind and enjoy some breathing space made a huge difference to the holiday. That and the showers, the warmth, the comfy bed, and all the other benefits of staying in a plush house that’s ten times the size of your own. The only downside was having to leave it to go back to our shoebox at the end of the holiday.

Anyhow, christmas day was really cool. All of the family gathered at my mum’s place, where the tree looked magnificent, surrounded by the sea of presents that lay before it. That’s the cool thing about having an extended family – major present haul. I got used to that kind of scene when I was little, so it was great for Elisha to experience it for her first christmas, even if she didn’t really have a clue what was going on.

It was funny watching her tear open the presents as they were handed to her, and then play amongst the shreds of wrapping paper. Having no concept of ownership, she didn’t get too excited by any of the presents she was given, and at one point started putting a present back in the box as I was trying to take it out for her. I’m sure she’ll have the hang of it for next year.

Since her cousin Abigail was a little too small to be involved in unwrapping at only a month old, Elisha got the lions share of attention from the relatives. At one point I went to see where she’d wandered off to, and found her sitting by herself on the kitchen floor, just sighing to herself. I guess she needed a break from the noise and fuss, as she enjoys a relatively peaceful existence at home.

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