All Froth And No Substance


All Froth And No Substance

At the weekend there I took the cappuccino maker that Fliss got me for xmas back for a refund. The dial on it had broken after only about five or six uses, which I took to be a sign of poor quality for something that cost quite a bit and I would expect to last a good couple of years.

I didn’t trust the build quality of the Breville enough to try another one of those – especially since the Breville kettle we bought last year already has a crack near the element, so I just asked for a credit note. I actually wouldn’t have minded trying one of the Tassimo ones instead, but Fliss thinks that the sachets are too expensive.

After reading through The Laminated Book of Dreams it turns out that there’s absolutely nothing in the same price range that I either want or need. Which is odd in itself, as just a few years ago I didn’t think that I could ever reach saturation point in the category of shiny gadgets for under £100.

Which leaves me feeling a little disappointed – Fliss got me a really thoughtful gift, which ticked all the right boxes in that it did something I liked, and was the kind of thing I couldn’t have justified buying myself, but was an ideal present. Ah well, maybe something will turn up in the next edition of the Laminated Book of Dreams… aside from the Scooby Doo costume that I almost came home with!