Fliss Makes a Change


Fliss Makes a Change

Fliss has decided to abandon the site that’s served her well over the last couple of years, and set up a blogspot one. She had been impressed with the one that Graeme and Lisa have, and felt that the ease of updating it would lead to her adding content more frequently.

I helped sort her gallery out by updating the code that I use here to fit her folder structure. It actually works quite well, using natcasesort() to display the images in the order that Fliss names them. I’ll probably take the same code and re-apply it to my gallery, as it’s a nice feature for not much effort.

I thought about ditching this place and going for a similar set-up, myself. However, none of the off the shelf solutions offer anywhere near the level of customisation you get when you roll your own site. Shame, though – I wouldn’t mind some of the networking features you get with what Fliss and Graeme have gone with. As things stand, you cant import any content from other sources, so I’d stand to lose much more than I’d gain.