Picture This


Picture This

It seems a shame to ditch the gallery format I had going before I switched to WordPress, especially as I’d just gotten it working a whole lot better. However, I figured it would be best to switch now while I’m on a roll than to make the decision further down the line when I have a bunch more pictures.

So, with that in mind, I set up a Flickr account a few weeks back and I’ve begun the process of uploading my old gallery images into picture sets there. So far I only have three sets uploaded – at six pictures a time it’s going to take a little while until I’ve ported all the images from my old gallery.

There are more benefits to the Flickr approach than just organising and tagging my pictures. In a couple of months, I intend to upgrade my mobile phone to one of the new Nokia camera phones that let you transfer pictures straight to your Flickr account. Once there, I can tag them so that they end up being included on this site via the feed from Flickr. That’s the idea, anyhow – I’m still a good couple of months away from upgrading my phone.

Until then I’ll work on getting my Flickr gallery in order: infoxicated at Flickr

Update: Fliss pointed out that they had an uploader tool that lets you upload a folder of files at the same time. Duh! I should have known.

Equipped with that I uploaded all my gallery images this morning, although I had to upgrade to a Pro account so that I could have more than four sets of photos. With the current strength of the pound against the dollar, $25 didn’t seem too steep for a quality picture hosting service.