Charlie Brooker on Macs


Charlie Brooker on Macs

The new Mac propaganda featuring the over-rated Mitchell & Webb (as over rated as Little Britain, at any rate), seem to have hit a raw nerve with Charlie Brooker.

It’s standard Apple faire, the advertising; touting the PC as dull and boring, while the Mac is fun and creative. Aside from the fact you can run similar applications on each, and you can actually upgrade a PC without it costing a fortune, or being locked to a sole manufacturer who can turn around and tell you they don’t support that model any longer.

Mac users seem to think that advocating PC’s is giving unconditional love to MicroSoft, which is far from the case. But then, they also seem to think that PC’s crash all the time and you cant do anything creative on them. I guess it takes a certain type of mind to buy into the Apple propaganda so completely. By that logic I can imagine that Apple will persist with the misinformation until they’ve assimilated everyone susceptible to that form of marketing.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; If you have focus on the faults of another product to market your own product then I’m going to assume that yours doesn’t have much going for it.