Welcome to the Revolution!


Welcome to the Revolution!

Well, after looking at what was available off the shelf, I decided to replace the site that I’ve honed over the last seven years with one powered by WordPress.

The deciding factor was that I could import all of my old content, by way of writing an export script to extract and format the content in a form that WordPress could consume. Once that was done, the perks of having a full blown content management and publishing system behind the scenes made it an easy choice to make.

I’m still working on the theme for the site – that and integrating all my old content properly. Hopefully I’ll have everything working the way I like it soon enough.

Viva la revolution!


5 thoughts on Welcome to the Revolution!

  1. I guess so. I have at least made the effort to jazz up the template so that it looks a little like my own site.

    It feels a bit strange, to be honest, but I’m sure I’ll warm to it. 🙂

  2. I was going for something “revolution” themed… that and I’ve had a thing for the whole red-star-on-a-black-background affair since watching Firefox, back in the 80’s! 😉

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