Easter Break 2007

There were several themes running through our Easter Holidays. One was how good the weather was – for Scotland in April it was amazing that we were able to be out enjoying the sunshine. I certainly took advantage of it by using brother Andrew’s trampoline in the back garden, expanding my reportoire of tricks to include landing on my bum, landing on my knees, landing on my back, and landing painfully on the enclosure netting during a misguided attempt to head a football at full bounce. Fliss managed a forward summersalt, which was cool, and Elisha managed to wreck my shoulders by wanting trampoline-by-proxy. Wont be falling for that one again.

Another theme was trying to tick all the boxes. This meant trying to do all of the things we wanted to do in the space of eight days or so. Each time we’re up I want to play games with Andrew, get a haircut, visit everyone we need to visit, wander around Helensburgh, wander around Glasgow, have a night out with Adrian, Eoan, and George, have another night out with Uncle John, dine at the Akash restaurant (the last two usually come as a package), and eat a kebab from Mr Kebab in Helensburgh.

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