15 Minutes of Aimless Wandering, Over and Over.

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15 Minutes of Aimless Wandering, Over and Over.

High five to David Jaffe for saying he “doesn’t get Halo.”

I don’t get it either – I bought the original for the PC and after playing the first few chapters I just lost interest and gave up. The bizarre thing is that I’m prime for that kind of game – sci-fi, space, laser guns, aliens, tale of wonder – sheesh, normally I’d gobble all that up.

But at some point in the game, deep in the belly of an alien mothership and ready to fight my way back out of it again, I saved it for the last time and never went back. I remember the hype at the time, and Bungee saying that it was fifteen minutes of fun, over and over, or something to that effect.

For me it just seemed to be fifteen minutes of aimless wandering, over and over, until I triggered the next set-piece.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t get the whole Halo thing. Bring on Haze, I say. 🙂