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Rethently, with the weather getting colder, I’ve been drinking from my thermal mug. Mothtly jutht in the car in the morning, but at the weekend there I uthed it all the time.

The good thing about drinking from a thermal mug ith that your tea or coffee thtays warmer for tho much longer. And, after a few dayth, your toungue ith tho numb from being burnt that you really don’t notith the pain.


4 thoughts on Thcorchio

  1. Ehm is this post really to tell about your new awesome cup or are you trying to pull of some kind of trick, as in that the reader understands the words even though their are misspelled? 😉

  2. That’s both harsh and… true.

    My thermal mug comes out of the cupboard every winter – but for the first few weeks it’s difficult to judge how hot the contents are until it’s too late. 😛

  3. Liking the onomatapea use there. I used to have a Grommit one, that the nose lit up according to temperature, but I made a very hot brew, and instead of being a christmassy red, it went white. It would’nt work after that.

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