Warner commits to Blu-Ray


Warner commits to Blu-Ray

I wonder if the move by Time Warner to go Blu-Ray exclusive could be the turning point in ending the Hi-Def format war?

With movies I love, like Serenity, exclusive to HD DVD and with myself in the Blu-Ray camp I’m eager for it all to shake out so that I can start collecting the titles I want to own in Blu-Ray format. The problem with the stand-off is that, while studios are given big bucks to be exclusive to one particular format, it stifles the release of their movies, thus limiting choice.

There’s some good stuff out on Blu-Ray, but not too many titles I personally want to own. An end to the HD format war in 2008 would be most welcome.


One thought on Warner commits to Blu-Ray

  1. Know what the problem with these new formats are? The price, it’s so stupid that you have to pay 30dkk (must to like 3£ or something like that) extra compared to DVD’s. It has the same thing with VHS-to-DVD. Even though that VHS are WAY more expensive to make and even though they are bigger (which means that shipping costs are bigger for the film maker) DVD’s costed 25% more than a VHS movie. Sure you get bonus stuff but they would probably have made that shit anyways. And now we have blu-ray which is of course a more expensive format to produce at the moment but I’m pretty sure that even in 2010 the price won’t have dropped. It’s stupid and that’s why I confuse to support those crappy formats (well I must admit that I’m using DVD’s now that I don’t really have much of a choice :P).

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