My Charts for 2007

Thanks to Last FM, here are my top 20 charts from the last year – in brackets are the number of listens to each artist.

  1. Foo Fighters (191)
  2. Moby (144)
  3. Red Hot Chili Peppers (134)
  4. Buckcherry (100)
  5. Linkin Park (99)
  6. Feeder (94)
  7. The Strokes (92)
  8. Jackyl (88)
  9. Placebo (84)
  10. Rage Against the Machine (81)
  11. Lynyrd Skynyrd (77)
  12. Blondie (73)
  13. The Chemical Brothers (73)
  14. Garbage (65)
  15. Snow Patrol (63)
  16. Barenaked Ladies (62)
  17. Hydrogyn (53)
  18. Massive Attack (51)
  19. Underworld (51)
  20. Paul van Dyk (49)

Earlier in the year I was actually listening to a huge amount of Red Hot Chili Peppers, but that release of the new Foo Fighters album in September had me hitting them hard in the months that followed. Then I picked up Moby’s Hotel at long last toward the end of the year and was using it to chill myself out during all of the end of year stress at work. So the Chilli’s kind of got bumped into third by the late charge from the other two.

This year I think I’m going to listen to more of my recommendations radio station, as I’ve flat out exhausted my CD collection and I’ll need to broaden my horizons a bit before I get sick of my favourites.

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Code Comments

Gravatars, finally.

With some time to spare yesterday I finally got round to implementing Gravatars on the site here, so that folk with a “globally recognised avatar” will see their avatar appear beside their comments.

In the event it was a piece of cake – there’s a WordPress plugin that you install, and then all that’s needed is to stick a line beside where user comments go in the comments.php file of your template.

<img src="<?php gravatar('R', 45) ?>" alt="gravatar" class="alignleft" />

I used the line of code above to insert a 45 pixel icon beside the <cite> tag in the template.

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