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WordCamp Glasgow 2020

With tickets being a veritable steal at £20 it was impossible to turn my nose up at the opportunity to attend the first WordPress event of 2020 in my nearest city. Having to hold on until after payday, I eventually bought what the site told me was the second-to-last ticket available and, when I checked the next day, the event was a sell-out.

I’ve been to a slew of conferences in the past, from several iterations of The Future of Web Design in its heyday to the short-lived jQuery UK and even shorter-lived UX London events, so I knew roughly what to expect of the day.

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Easy reader

I’ve added a readability plugin to see if I can help myself to craft better blog posts. Of the different scales available, I settled on adding the Flesch reading ease score to the post metadata.

To me that’s the most obvious measure of readability – with 100 being the best and 0 being the worst, a score higher than 60 should indicate I’m heading in the right direction.

Of course, there’s no guarantee it’ll improve the content. 😉

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Gravatars, finally.

With some time to spare yesterday I finally got round to implementing Gravatars on the site here, so that folk with a “globally recognised avatar” will see their avatar appear beside their comments.

In the event it was a piece of cake – there’s a WordPress plugin that you install, and then all that’s needed is to stick a line beside where user comments go in the comments.php file of your template.

<img src="<?php gravatar('R', 45) ?>" alt="gravatar" class="alignleft" />

I used the line of code above to insert a 45 pixel icon beside the <cite> tag in the template.

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