Liverpool, European City of Gun Culture 2008


Liverpool, European City of Gun Culture 2008

I think that’s catchier, and more accurate, than plain old “European City of Culture 2008”.

Mackets Lane, where that guy was shot in his car, is less than a mile away from where we live. Fortunately we’re much further away from where the 21 year old was shot in the leg. I wonder if we have to mention stuff like that in our Home Information Pack when the time comes to sell up? (And that time cant come soon enough.)

“15 year old, two bedroom, semi-detached home. Surrounding brick boundary wall gives lower floor ample protection from stray rounds. Upper floors gives unique vantage point for viewing the local morons when they blow up the nearby phone booth.”


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  1. So Liverpool begins its year of being ‘European City of Culture’. It’s an easy target for critics, the endless tyre theft jokes and the ‘self-pity city’ jibes.

    But Liverpool asks for it. Their fantastic sense of humour apparently comes from having it tough in the war. Ask Cilla Black or Stan Boardman. No other city experienced hardship during the war.

    The arrogance of the people, believing that coming from Liverpool makes them special, is obvious in every interview. They claim to have a community spirit second to none. The same community spirit that created the wall of silence when the police were trying to catch the killer of 11 year old Ryhs Jones last year.

    Two more men were shot last night in Liverpool, but I’m sure that the gunman can’t be blamed. He obviously did it as a reaction to his terrible wartime experiences.

  2. Another I heard of was:

    “…was shot by at least one gunman…”

    Really? I thought it was a commando iguana with an XM8, but whatever you say.

    Don’t you just love ITV Granada News?

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