Flickring on


Flickring on

This morning I was clearing space on my PSP’s memory stick, deleting folders of images because I knew they were safe on Flickr. It was only later when I visited my Flickr account on the PC that I found my Pro account had lapsed. A few years back this would have been a disaster – they were in the habit of clearing out people’s lapsed accounts, although fortunately this hasn’t been the case for a while now.

I’d only signed up for a year’s Pro account when I first started using Flickr, as I didn’t know how much use I’d make of it, but over the course of 2007 it’s been great to save and organise batches of images there. It’s the fact they’re safe there, too, that makes it well worth the money – I could have a total hard drive failure on my PC at home and lose stuff that hasn’t been backed up. Yet my pictures at Flickr are safe and sound and available whenever I need them – I can even view a Flickr slide show on the big TV downstairs by visiting Flickr with my PS3’s web browser, so I don’t even need to have them on my PS3’s hard drive..

So this time round I signed up for two year’s worth of Pro account, and I’m going to try and make full use of it by taking a load more pictures. 🙂


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  1. I couldn’t tell you, I’ve never used photobucket or any of the other photo sharing services.

    When this site used to run on homebrew (i.e. not WordPress) I had my own gallery solution, so I didn’t have any real need for them. It was only last year when I caved and moved to WordPress that I figured I’d go the whole hog and use Flickr, too.

    What’s been useful is the feature where you can mail a picture to Flickr from your mobile phone and have it post it to your blog. Sadly the camera in my recently acquired Nokia 5310 is about as awful as I’ve seen, but the ability to photoblog via Flickr is still a cool piece of functionality. 🙂

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