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Unspecific Gravaty

I noticed this morning that my Gravatar icon in the comments isn’t working, which is odd – it was working fine yesterday.

So I went to the Gravatar Management area on Gravatar.com to check that everything was as it should be, but found that the hash that they were expecting – 28cd6950f10df8311388f3edb13f70be – was different from the one that was being generated at my end – 4d91675dc4500f3dfa028bd776450422. How very strange, I thought. I tried using different methods to generate the hash of my email address to see if that would help – switching between md5, md4, and other variants by way of the hash function, but none of them were generating the expected hash value.

I don’t think anything has changed at my end, so I’m going to assume that something is going down at the Gravatar.com end to cause it. I thought about removing the Gravatar images for the time being, but decided I’d leave them in place in the hope they fix it soon-ish.

Weird. 😐

// Update at 23:00

And just a few hours later the Gravatars are working again, yet the generated hash hasn’t changed at this end.

Must have been gremlins. 😉