Better off, but at a cost

According to the BBC’s budget calculator we’re going to be about £350 better off next year, assuming things stay the same. They wont, of course, and I don’t exactly put much faith in these off the cuff budget-o-matic things.

Skimming through what the 2008 budget has to offer and it’s clear, too, that Labour have only paid lip service to the environment. It’s been well documented that the aviation industry gets massive tax breaks on fuel, while the railway industry takes a hit, and I had hoped that something might be done to level the playing field. Not so.

The car tax changes are a cop-out, too. Why not hammer the gas guzzlers with road tax hikes?, rather than the poxy £950 “showroom tax” that’ll most likely be absorbed by dealer discounts or cash back incentives.

Environmentally, it looks like they bottled it – either that or they’re saving their big (false) green promises for election year. Change, as ever, happens at glacial pace.

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Unspecific Gravaty

I noticed this morning that my Gravatar icon in the comments isn’t working, which is odd – it was working fine yesterday.

So I went to the Gravatar Management area on to check that everything was as it should be, but found that the hash that they were expecting – 28cd6950f10df8311388f3edb13f70be – was different from the one that was being generated at my end – 4d91675dc4500f3dfa028bd776450422. How very strange, I thought. I tried using different methods to generate the hash of my email address to see if that would help – switching between md5, md4, and other variants by way of the hash function, but none of them were generating the expected hash value.

I don’t think anything has changed at my end, so I’m going to assume that something is going down at the end to cause it. I thought about removing the Gravatar images for the time being, but decided I’d leave them in place in the hope they fix it soon-ish.

Weird. 😐

// Update at 23:00

And just a few hours later the Gravatars are working again, yet the generated hash hasn’t changed at this end.

Must have been gremlins. 😉

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