House for Sale

HouseNo, not that one.

Our one.

As we’re upping sticks and moving to Scotland over the summer, we will be selling our home of the past three years for offers in the region of £115,000 (according to the man who did the valuation).

It’s a two bedroomed new-ish-build in the Halewood area of Liverpool, with a nice big garden due to the fact that, once upon a time, it was the show house for the small block of Wimpey homes it’s a part of.

If you’re at all interested, Fliss has put together a great brochure for 2 Barncroft Road that you can download.

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Kneesy Does It – The Finale

On Monday morning I went back to Broadgreen Hospital to have my post-operative knee examination. Arriving on time, as always, I sat in the packed waiting room of the Orthopedics department just like all the other cattle and like all the times before.

As time ticked by I heard a few people quietly complain amongst themselves that their appointment had been at ten past eleven and they hadn’t been seen yet. My own appointment had also been ten past eleven and I imagine that everybody there had been told to turn up at ten past eleven, too. I really cant think of too many reasons why they do this, but by now I was used to it, so I stuck one ear-bud in and listened to music while I waited.

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Code Comments

The Adobe Dialogue

CS3 your system is low on resources

Oh, really?

Is that because I have a browser with four tabs and one Adobe product open?

Is that because all of your software is bloated beyond reason?

Well, maybe if you actually took the time to re-write the legacy code you inherited from Macromedia (which they inherited from Allaire) and stop simply rebranding the shit every 18 months, you could do something to stop your end users from getting these bloody warning dialogues.

Until then, you monopolistic, lazy bastards – no… I don’t want you to show me this message again.

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