The Adobe Dialogue

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The Adobe Dialogue

CS3 your system is low on resources

Oh, really?

Is that because I have a browser with four tabs and one Adobe product open?

Is that because all of your software is bloated beyond reason?

Well, maybe if you actually took the time to re-write the legacy code you inherited from Macromedia (which they inherited from Allaire) and stop simply rebranding the shit every 18 months, you could do something to stop your end users from getting these bloody warning dialogues.

Until then, you monopolistic, lazy bastards – no… I don’t want you to show me this message again.


4 thoughts on The Adobe Dialogue

  1. I still use Homesite everyday and have never had any memory issues (except when I’ve been out on the piss the night before but that’s another story). Although it says Macromedia in the about box I’m pretty sure they never got their grubby hands anywhere near the core code. So you should be thankful if there is any Allaire code still lingering about in there, it’s probably the only clean and efficient code in the whole thing!

  2. Oh, I’d believe it.

    It wasn’t until Macromedia bought out Allaire that Homesite started to get bloated. The problems really got bad when Homesite was a victim of Adobe suing Macromedia for infringing on their customisable tool bar patent. So much of Dreamweaver and Homesite were hacked to hell as a result of the litigation that Homesite never recovered (Homesite 5.5+ would have been better called FrankenHomesite!) and I don’t think Dreamweaver has yet, either.

    I really must go through all my old discs to see if I have a copy of Homesite from before Macromedia gobbled up Allaire. I loved that app – it really was a joy to use and considering the hardware I had to use it on back then it must have had a fairly small footprint. Failing that there’s always hope that Nick Bradbury gets brave enough one day to produce a worthy successor to it. 🙂

  3. I’m still using v5.2 and amazingly when I went to install it on my laptop but couldn’t find the installer I was able to download it from the adobe site. It seems both Macromedia and Adobe did one thing right, which was maintaining existing Allaire customer account info 🙂

  4. As far as I can remember, I think 5.2 was the last good one – I cursed myself for being such an upgrade whore back when I went from 5.5 (reasonably stable) to 5.5+ (hamstrung disaster!) thinking it would cure my ills. Wasn’t long after that when I jumped wholesale to Dreamweaver.

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