House for Sale


House for Sale

HouseNo, not that one.

Our one.

As we’re upping sticks and moving to Scotland over the summer, we will be selling our home of the past three years for offers in the region of £115,000 (according to the man who did the valuation).

It’s a two bedroomed new-ish-build in the Halewood area of Liverpool, with a nice big garden due to the fact that, once upon a time, it was the show house for the small block of Wimpey homes it’s a part of.

If you’re at all interested, Fliss has put together a great brochure for 2 Barncroft Road that you can download.


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  1. Did you check other properties near you for valuation? I got to admit, the price is a bit low even in England. My house is worth just under £100,000, an ex-council house.

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