On the Mend


On the Mend

Today I finally took the dressings off of my knee. Or rather; Fliss did it whilst Elisha looked on with a screwed up face, as I cringed and warned of “a gusher of epic proportions.”

Once the two pads and butterfly strips were gone it was clear that the incisions had probably been healed for about a week, so the much hyped bloodshed failed to materialise. It felt really good to have the dressing off, though – nice to get some air to it after two weeks. I jumped straight in the bath just after, too, so I could scrub away the last of the iodine and just clean the area that had been under wraps.

Progress-wise, I’m walking okay now, but with a little discomfort. It keeps feeling like my knee is going to bend back on me – I don’t know why, because this wasn’t a problem before the operation. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to drive yet, so I might test that out tomorrow before I start back at work on Monday. It’ll be nice if we can revert back to the old routine without another week of Fliss having to do the run-around of dropping Elisha off and catching buses.

Cant believe I’m almost back at work already, but at least I’ve put my time off to good use.

Actually, that’s lies – I’m about three quarters of the way through a replay of Resistance: Fall of Man on hard mode – that’s taken ages. What a brilliant game, though! I cant wait to play the sequel when it comes out towards the end of the year, the story is just enthralling and it really can soak up hours at a time.

I did spend the first week I was off with the best of intentions, avoiding the PS3, doing some work on my Indy Racing Quotes widget and reading some chapters of the programming books I’d taken home with me. Unfortunately that got old real quick. Possibly because I was unable to stay in the one place too long – it was as if knowing I wasn’t meant to be moving around gave me the urge to do so. I realised I wasn’t doing my knee any good when it started to swell up again, so that’s a lesson learned – I’m not a quick healer, I just think I am.

So this week it’s been all about completing Resistance for the second time, reading the brilliant Things the Grandchildren Should Know (as recommended by Adrian), and listening to new music I got, such as the Eels (as recommended by Adrian).

Unfortunately the mid-90’s Moby album I got at the same time was as much the techno-trash I’d suspected it would be – I knew there was a reason I wasn’t a fan of his until Play was released. I should have gotten the b-sides album instead of Everything Is Wrong, but then they cant all be winners – I am at least enjoying the Moby remix album I bought – sometimes it’s good to hear a different version of a song you like, just to stop you tiring of it.

And that’s about it – all things going well and there shouldn’t be any more knee related rest and recovery to endure. I’m back at my specialist on the 17th for a check-up appointment, so hopefully I’m well on the road to recovery by then and I wont have to go back under the knife.