It’s done.


It’s done.

After a tense weekend and a sleepless night, it’s done.

This morning, I resigned from my job after gaining a new position that will be based in Glasgow. Part of the attraction was moving closer to family, and some of it is that I’ll be working with my former college buddies, George and Adrian – my second tour of duty with Ade, after our stint together at Radio Clyde.

Mainly, though, I’ve reasoned that I need a new challenge after six years at Sony. I’m reluctant to leave the games industry – I always hoped I could forge a career for myself within the workings of my favourite entertainment medium. However, I think as time has gone on it’s become apparent that as much as I like the temperature of the water here, being a web developer, I’m the wrong kind of fish for this tank.

The glacial pace of salary increases and meagre bonuses in relation to my flawless attendance record and dedicated work would bear that theory out. Nothing I have done here has been considered “mission critical”, I don’t think. So I can only deduce that the games industry is no place for a web developer unless it’s a gig at one of the hot franchises with a massive online community, or at the hardcore server side – engineering the point where the games and the web interact.

So, career wise it’s a sound move, and I think I’ve made a good decision for me, Fliss, and Elisha. I know my mum is going to enjoy having us around a bit more, and Elisha is certainly going to love seeing more of the family who give her so much attention. That and the “jumpy jumpy” (trampoline) in my mum’s back garden. 😉

Personally, though, I’m going to be leaving a lot of good friends when the time comes – I only hope I’m lucky enough to have the chance to work in another place where I forge as many good friendships as I have done since coming here in 2002. Leaving this kind of environment will be the hard part, I’m sure, because as a place to work I don’t think there could be a more perfect situation than what I’ve been part of here at Studio Liverpool.

I will be having the longest of goodbyes as we try to sell the house, though, so I’ll get to have a few more beers and cheers with the gang over the next few months before it’s all said and done. 🙂

Onwards and upwards.


4 thoughts on It’s done.

  1. You’ll be missed, sir! 🙁

    But you’ll be happier! 🙂

    When’s your last day? More importantly, when’s the leaving tipples? 😛

  2. Thanks!

    I’m such a reluctant leaver it’s ridiculous. I love working here – if it wasn’t for the perfect storm of Fliss getting made redundant, this job opportunity falling into my lap, and the fact we need to move house this year anyway, I don’t think I’d be going.

    Leaving drinks could well be April 4th – I’m thinking Ship & Mitre, however, I was told last night that if you’ve been with the company for more than five years you need to give three months notice. Not a lot of people know that. Well, I didn’t. So unless I can clear my task list in the next four weeks they might put the brakes on my departure.

  3. Welcome to the Ex-scee(ers) club. Well almost. I know what you mean about being a reluctant leaver. It was one of the most dificult decisions I ever had to make. Psygnosis / SCEE Liverpool was my home for 10 years or so. I still love that place. Wish I could make your leaving do. But seeing as you didn’t make mine, I won’t loose too much sleep over it 😉

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