Post Irony


Post Irony

Dead on my feet from today’s travel, I’m getting ready to go to bed in preparation for my early flight to Brussels in eight hours time. I’ve just ironed my shirt for the morning and, once more, I find myself thankful that the situation where I’ll have to iron a shirt to save myself is unlikely to ever present itself.

I made such an average job of the shirt that I ironed my tie for good measure, so hopefully the folks over in Brussels will be so impressed by the tie that they’ll forgive the odd crease in the shirt. Creases which could well have come from the flights from Glasgow-to-Amsterdam and from Amsterdam-to-Brussels that I’ll be taking from 5:55AM tomorrow to get there.

Ooh! Mustn’t forget to pack my infoxicated socks – I’ll knock ’em dead with those! 😀