So far, so good


So far, so good

I’m posting this during a bit of down-time towards the end of the fifth working week in my new job. It’s a bit of a blur, looking back at it – especially the last two weeks, which have involved jumping onto a new project as it comes to a conclusion, as well as a couple of days training and team building to kick off this week.

I’ve been so busy that I really haven’t had time to think much about life before I made the move. I do miss my friends at Sony – just the banter at the breakfast table and the faces that became so familiar over six years. I miss pie club, the in-jokes, and just knowing the day-to-day goings-on of the lives of my colleagues.

My old job, well, I don’t miss that much at all. I miss the buzz I got from being in the games industry, although, to be honest, that’s more a veneer over what was a pretty standard job. I wasn’t doing anything special or cutting edge, nor did I ever really contribute in a big way to any of the games that have my name in the credits. So, I’ve been able to forge ahead without looking over my shoulder at all, really.

In fact, I’ve been so busy and I’m usually so exhausted by the time I’m home at night that I haven’t had the time to properly miss Elisha and Fliss. The breaks between seeing them have only been ten or twelve days at a time and, thanks to Go!Messenger on the PSP & PC, we’ve done a few video calls so that we can have a little visual contact during that time.

Working hard has really motivated me to get up and about at weekends, too. The times I haven’t visited or been visited by Fliss & Elisha I’ve been walking around Helensburgh taking pictures, and doing stuff like that helps fill the void after a heavy week at work.

It was cool to see Elisha when they were up last weekend, actually. Her talking is coming along so much that I can have good little conversations with her now. For example, on Sunday evening I was playing with her and she pointed quizzically at the model of Serenity I’d gotten to add a personal touch to the spare room I’m staying in.

“It’s a spaceship,” I told her, “it’s called Serenity.”

Elisha frowned at the explanation, so I took the model off of its stand and zoomed it about, making fitting sound effects as I did. Her face lit up as the penny dropped.

“Like a rocket, daddy?” She asked.

“Yes! Very good!” I said, taken aback by how quickly she’d grasped what I’d told her.

“I like that rocket, daddy.” She beamed. 🙂

It isn’t too much of a hardship to put up with some short term separation when I have cool moments like that to look forward to. Hopefully it wont be long before the house in Liverpool is sold and we’re all back together in the same post code.