Game On, Journal

Brain Train Strain

Hot Brain on the PSP is a sort of half-arsed attempt at catching the brain training craze, but despite its lack of polish I still find it a fun distraction for fifteen minutes or so, and I’ve taken to playing it on my journey to work in the morning by way of waking up the grey matter.

This morning I was going for a streak of four consecutive Hot Brain tests with an increased brain temperature. Before settling down for the main test, I’d done some practice of the categories I find difficult and had done well at them, so I was more than ready to roast my squash.

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A Loss for Words

It was in The Lab at just after 11am on Saturday morning, where I’d met George and Karen moments before, that I sat totally crestfallen and unable to fathom how I’d been so careless. The day I’d been so looking forward to was ruined and I had nobody but myself to blame.

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