Post-a-week 2011 failed!


Post-a-week 2011 failed!

Unfortunately, due to a heavy workload recently, I couldn’t keep up with the pace of posting every week – especially when I didn’t think there was anything worthwhile to post about.

Events as mundane as, say, ordering a new sofa last week, don’t really motivate me to blog about them even if it was the highlight of that particular week. It’s a nice enough event in itself, and when the new sofa & chairs arrive it’ll be great because the old ones have been bordering on uncomfortable for some time. But worthy of a full on post that’s in the spirit of the post a week challenge?

Not really.

It’s disappointing to fail a challenge so early on, but I’d rather call time on it than keep it going with half hearted updates.

On a positive note, it has made me think more about what’s worthy of a blog post and what isn’t. I occasionally look back and read the things that I wrote on here five or more years ago, and smile at the ramblings of a younger version of me I only vaguely recognise. Those posts are a better read when I’ve tackled something worthwhile, too, as not only are they a more entertaining, but I can spot a mile away when I’ve been posting filler masquerading as content!

It’s a pity that this particular post falls into the former category, so for the rest of the year my challenge is to make every post worthwhile.