20 books in 2020: Flowers for Algernon

I thought I’d challenge myself to read 20 books in 2020 because I felt I’d gotten out of the habit of reading and 20 was a reasonably high bar to set, considering even in a good year I’ve only read about a dozen.

First up was the classic science fiction novel, Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keys. It’s the tale of a retarded adult, Charlie Gordon, who undergoes an experimental operation designed to make him smarter. The operation has been performed on a mouse in a lab, named Algernon, with seemingly positive results. However, the childlike naivety of Charlie means he’s ill-equipped to deal with the emotions and changes in perception that lie ahead.

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WordCamp Glasgow 2020

With tickets being a veritable steal at £20 it was impossible to turn my nose up at the opportunity to attend the first WordPress event of 2020 in my nearest city. Having to hold on until after payday, I eventually bought what the site told me was the second-to-last ticket available and, when I checked the next day, the event was a sell-out.

I’ve been to a slew of conferences in the past, from several iterations of The Future of Web Design in its heyday to the short-lived jQuery UK and even shorter-lived UX London events, so I knew roughly what to expect of the day.

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Flashback, Game On

A WipEout Q&A

Back in May 2017, I was approached by Sony about taking part in a retrospective video on WipEout. I happily attended the recording in Liverpool and, in addition, answered a series of questions that were to be part of a feature for the Official PlayStation Magazine.

For whatever reason, the feature was never published so after writing recently about how WipEout changed my life, I thought I’d share the Q&A here.

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