Returning to Tenerife

I’m sitting in a rather nice hotel room in Playa de las Americas in Tenerife, as I write this, having returned to the island for a holiday for the first time since I was here in 1991.

The last time I was here it wasn’t a great experience. There was nothing much to do in Puerto de la Cruz and the weather wasn’t brilliant. All me and my mate did was go for walks in between the rain showers and drink – much the same as we’d have done back home, but without the walking and the breaks in the rain.

This time around it’s a lot warmer than I remember it being. Today, our first day proper, alternated between being warm with the occasional strong, chilly breeze, and very hot. I’m actually suprized how hot it is for February, and that’s only going to make arriving back in Glasgow that much worse.

For the rest of the week I’m going to make the most of the good weather, though. I’m not used to this much sunshine in the middle of winter, but I’d like to get used to it!

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Return to Salou

In August 1999, Fliss & I took our first holiday together in Salou in Northern Spain. For two weeks we ate badly and sparingly, having taken a self-catering package deal with Thompsons to cut costs. Ironically, we spent a small fortune on food & drink over those 14 days, but ultimately enjoyed the experience.

When we were searching for a holiday to take over easter this year, we stumbled upon Eurocamp Cambrils, near Salou, and thought it would be cool to come back and visit the area again. We knew the weather would be decent, and probably not as searingly hot at this time of year as it was when we went in late summer. We also knew the rough layout of Salou, and that the beaches were long & sandy.

Having gained two children since we last went, it was also an added bonus that the flight from Glasgow is just two and a half hours. Eurocamp Cambrils is a little further out of Salou itself than we would have liked, but it is within (long) walking distance and is more suited for families. We quite enjoyed staying in the self-contained resort in Fuerteventura last year, too, so Eurocamp seemed like a good fit.

So, what follows is a detailed account of the highs and lows of our first holiday as a family of four. For those of you who want the short version: it was a mixed bag, but ultimately good fun!

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